Zeeshan Ali reveals about Ravi Teja in Drugs case

raviteja1For past few days, only one topic is being discussed between every two persons, is none other than Drugs case which shook the entire Tollywood.

Excise department revealed that filmmakers from the industry were in contact with drugs. So far, Puri, Subba Raju, and Tarun were interrogated for hours.

According to reports by a leading channel, After Drugs dealers, Zeeshan Ali and Noah William has been taken into custody by the police, of which Zeeshan was the person who has supplied the drugs to Ravi Teja. Zeeshan had disclosed interesting information related to Ravi Teja. Exclusive Drugs from South Africa used to reach the Mass Maharaja and were passed to others from him.

Ravi Teja’s name came out of the Whatsapp chat on a mobile phone that was seized from the Zeeshan Ali. Based on the conversations between these two, Police has decided to interrogate Raviteja. Although all these are just allegations on Raviteja, the popular TV channel publishes as reality.

Ravi Teja’s mother earlier said that her son is not a drug addict as projected by the media and stated that they did not receive any notices.