YuppTV bags digital and satellite rights of Mental Madhilo

rp_mm-300x300.jpgThe latest rom com in town Mental Madhilo is a brilliant film with a next level screenplay.

The plot and the way directed executed the film is beyond the expectations.The actors performed very good especially heroine who played swetchcha. Films like MentalMadhilo, Fidaa and Pellichoopulu are challenging the stereotypes in Telugu films.

YuppTV has bagged the digital and satellite rights for distributing Mental Madhilo, a Telugu movie starring Sri Vishnu and Nivetha Pethuraj, directed by Vivek Athreya and produced by Raj Kandukuri. It has also partnered with Freeze Frame Films for the overseas distribution of Mental Madhilo. Together with Producer, Raj Kandukuri, Suresh Productions and Freeze Frame Film.