Yuddham Sharanam Movie Review – Vengeance

yuddham-sharanam-reviewMovie: Yuddham Sharanam
Actors: Naga Chaitanya, Lavanya Tripathi, Srikanth , Rao Ramesh, Revathi, Murali Sharma, Priyadharshini,Ravi Varma and others.
Story: David R. Nathan
Screenplay: David R.Nathan – Abburi Ravi
Photographer: Nikit Bommy
Music: Vivek Sagar
Line producer: Karthikeya
Producer: Rajani Korrapati
Directed by: Krishnan Marimuthu.
Banner; Varahi Movie
Telugu Square Rating: 3.25/5


Arjun (Naga Chaitanya) is a well-educated boy who does not like to do the routine from the nine to evening till five. He even likes to leave a good job for his passion of designing a drone. His Parents Seethala Lakshmi (Revathi) and Murali Krishna (Rao Ramesh) are doctors who run a voluntary service organization to provide medical services to the poor. He also plans to celebrate his parents 30th anniversary in a grand manner along with his elder sister Radhika and younger sister Dhanu.

Arjun falls in love with Anjali (Lavanya Tripathi) who comes in as a trainee. When he tries to reveal his love matter to his parents and seek their permission for his marriage, His parents go missing. He finds that his parents are dead in the accident. But he understands that it is not an accident. At the same time, a criminal named Nayak tries to eliminate Arjun family. Is there any link between Nayak and Arjun’s parent’s death? How was his life changed after the incident? Why does Nayak want to eliminate Arjun family? How Arjun tackles Nayak? forms the story.



Right from the career beginning, Naga Chaitanya started doing serious roles and he did the same in this film too. But instead of a Mass genre, he attempted a thriller genre and was successful.

He was impressive in Action scenes and in emotional scenes. Compared to past films, Naga Chaitanya performed very well. There is no big importance for the role of Lavanya Tripathi. She was restricted to songs and romance.

Senior actors Revathi and Rao Ramesh have done a great job in the roles of Sita Lakshmi and Murali Krishna respectively. They lived in the role of loving parents and also as responsible citizens helping the society.

Srikanth, who appeared on the Telugu screen once again as a villain, was great to watch. Along with looks, he impressed with his acting. Seema Chowdhury’s performance in the character of a sister is impressive. Other roles include Murali Sharma, Raja Ravindra, Priyadarshini, and Ravivarman.


Technically this film is good. The cinematography is apt for the story. Though Vivek Sagar’s background music is good, songs are not up to the mark. Even though his debut film, the director was able to narrate what he wrote. It would have been better if he had put more attention on the story. Varahi production values are good.

Basically, Yuddam Sharanam is a screenplay driven film, A suspense elements run the entire film. How The life of lead character changed after an incident? What doe he do for his family? The first half revolves around a family and the love track. The second half goes in a revenge mode.

Some scenes remind Naga Chaitanya’s adventure film ‘Sahasam Swasaga Sagapo’ film. The difference is, in this film the lead character fights for his family. The Mind Game between Hero and the Villain is thrilling. But the love story between the lead pair misses the chemistry. There is no strong reason to fall in love.

+ Entertainment in the first half
+ Actors
+ Production values
– Story
– Pace
A young man’s vengeance.