YSRCP’s below the belt comments on Pawan Kalyan’s marriages

rp_Vasireddy_Padma999-300x175.jpgYSRCP never hesitates to give a blow below the belt when someone criticises their party president Jagan Mohan Reddy who himself facing several criminal charges .

It has become a habit of YSRCP to criticise people personally targeting their family life . In many occasions YSRCP criticised Ramoji Rao family, Nara family and now it is targeting Pawan Kalyan’s personal life.

The big mouth leader of the party Vasi Reddy Padma who was once PRP party member targeted Pawan’s personal life after the Janasena leader questioned about Jagan’s political experience to become CM after his father’s death.

Targeting Pawan’s marriages she said, What morals?, What family bondings can be followed after looking at Pawan Kalyan? . For whom Pawan can be a role model? Should one take his weddings as the role model ?

And politically, Should one take Pawan as role model who is on a revenge mode on those who betrayed Chiranjeevi’s PRP ? Pawan Kalyan’s cinema and political life is a legacy of Chiranjeevi.