YSRCP funny demand

The YSR Congress Party has came up with a funny demand today, It has demanded  the Centre to include the name of TDP President N Chandababu Naidu in the terms of reference of the judicial probe it has ordered into the huge amount spent by retail giant Walmart for its entry into India. When Walmart itself reported how much iy has spent ? on whome it has spent? for lobbying to US senate in which they never took Chandra Babu’s name . This demand looks very silly.

YSRC says, It becomes very imperative to include his name in the terms of reference as a top official of Heritage Foods, owned by his family members, had announced that they are scouting for foreign investments, party spokesperson Janak Prasad told reporters here today. He said the voting pattern of TDP MPs in Rajya Sabha and Chandrababu Naidu’s one-to-one meeting with Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram as a precursor to the FDI issue makes us strongly believe that he has put personal interests over political ideology and could be part of the Walmart lobbying. The Centre, which has ordered a judicial probe into the claim of Walmart spending $ 25 million on lobbying ‘to enhanced market access for investment in India,’ should also include the name of Heritage Foods, he said.