YSRCP faults TDP for promoting Beer as health drink

rojaThe opposition YSRCP found fault with the State Minister’s remarks stating that beer is a health drink.

State Excise Minister Jowahar stated that beer is a health drink in an interview to TV channel and he argued that he is ready to prove it. He said it has only 5% alcohol in it.

YSRCP MLA RK Roja said State Cabinet has decided to covert National highways into state highways through denotification after Supreme Court gave an order that liquor outlets should be 500 meters away from the National highways.

The decision to denotify the National Highways to enable more liquor outlets. She also faulted the state excise minister for transforming Andhra Pradesh into Liquor Pradesh. There is no concern for the safety of people as the govt runs 660 bars and 3500 outlets on highways.