YSRC wants Naidu’s patent

Former CM Chandrababu Naidu has always been known as the key person for bringing the IT revolution to Andhra Pradesh actually he got the patent right for IT in Hyderabad and making Hyderabad a leading hub for software industry. The hi-tech city has been his brainchild and it also brought him a vote bank from the software guys for quite some time.

But now, it looks like this vote bank is being taken away by YSR Congress in a smart way. Well, the Hi-tech professionals have been seeing hell due to an incomplete flyover on the road which connects to Kukatpally. Several pleas have fallen in deaf ears. But now YSRCP has taken the onus of creating noise and protests on that.

The political experts say that if Chandrababu had focused on this issue he would have got the attention of the IT employees once again. One thing is sure, whichever party manages to get the flyover done, they are sure to get all the votes from the hi-tech area. Maybe CBN should do something about it.