YSRC to endup in PRP style

Its not because Jagan is in jail and he might have to stay for 14 years if proved or YS.Vijayamma  incapability of managing the party but,  If some one goes by hypothetical view then one can say that YSRC party is going to endup like PRP in future. The interesting reasoning for this view lies in assembly.

YSRC working president YS Vijayamma  used to be single MLA in assembly ,After winning the bypolls their strenght has turned  17 now. All these MLAs who used to be  from congress are now YSRC members and seperate seats have to be alloted for them . This is point we are talking about.

Megastar Chiranjeevi is no longer part of Andhra Pradesh. He has migrated to Delhi and is now a member of the Rajya Sabha. Before he left, he gave away his MLA seat of Tirupathi and unfortunately, the congress lost it out to YSR Congress. Now, here is some information from the assembly premises. It is heard that the place which was being occupied by Chiranjeevi is now being given to Y S Vijayamma. And the result of sitting on the same  seat  might be same because ‘ All roads lead to Rome‘ .