YSRC party scared of CBI JD Laxminarayana

YSR Congress on Wednesday  seems to be scared by CBI.JD  Laxminarayana ans wants him to quit from Jagan’s case at any cost. It came down heavily on CBI JD for taking the case too personal and joining hands with the adversaries of Sakshi media house and Party President YS Jaganmohan Reddy. “We don’t mind if he wants to join a political party or a media house opposing us, but being in government, he should do justice to his duty without any prejudice but his behaviour is otherwise ever since the investigation began,” party spokesperson Bajireddy Goverdhan told reporters here.

He has no right to continue in the post if he cannot separate personal issues from official and stop taking sides that too with our political and business rivals,” he said.Instead of denying or explaining to our charges that as an investigation officer he was speaking to the adversaries of our leader and our media house, he lodged a complaint against us that we collected classified information and circulated it.

“The data is not classified. An affected party submitted it to a court and it has thus become a public document. The State government which has shown the quickness in acting against his complaint on Sakshi did not show the same zeal when our elected representatives complained against him,” YSRC is prepared to fight till the logical end. he said.

Though there were many CBI inquiries going on elsewhere, things are not moving the way they are going on here with the investigation officer himself getting personal and ganging up with political and business opponents and leaking information to their advantage, he said.“In the garb of CBI he has been helping our rivals. He can quit the post and join them to fight us, if he has any personal reasons, otherwise he is answerable to the people if he does not conduct the probe proceedings properly,” he said.

When we released the call data to establish that the CBI officer has been in touch with our business rivals, which goes against the CBI manual, instead of denying the charge or giving a proper reply, he opted to counterattack taking things too personal. He lodged a complaint along with his friend with whom he shared many calls in the name of privacy, this is only to divert the attention from his slip-up of selective leaks to media of his choice, he said.