YSRC Padayatra launched with Babu Japam !!

With Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy in jail, his sister Y S Sharmila has taken over the responsibility of maintaining contact with people and taking the party forward. Sharmila (38) has launched a padayatra from the YSR family estate at Idupulapaya in Kadapa district today after prayer at YSR samadhi.   Christened Praja Prasthanam, she will walk through the entire state covering more than 2,200 km. A similar padayatra was undertaken by the late Y S Rajasekhara Reddy in 2003-04 which swept the Congress to power. The YSR Congress Party is calling Sharmila’s yatra the second Praja Prasthanam.

Speaking on this occassion YSRCP honorary president Y S Vijayalakshmi has said they will highlight the failure of the state government and its nexus with the TDP in targeting Jagan. her main target is Chandra Babu Naidu, She continiously spoke about Babu for more than 30 mins with a script in her hands accusing Babu as if he is ruling the state government. She repeated the old tales of Babu , That Babu is a back strapper, Babu thought cultivation is waste, Babu increased power traffic and thus lead to farmers death, Babu opened belt shops , Babu increased  Rs.2/- rice to Rs.5.5/- per kg , But her surprise public gathered over there did not respond to her statements. When,  she started her speak attacking the congress government , people responded with claps . She had to blast at present ruling government looking at people reaction. Her speech was like School kid telling rhymes with leaders around her putting words in her mouth. Not a motivation speech at all.

Later, Sharmila attacked on Babu that his cases were compromised but Jagan cases were investigated.  she said congress and TDP match fixed and targeted Jagan using CBI . She even mentioned about family pamphlet ‘Sakshi ‘ and cried that they targeted their business which were built  on illegal wealth at YSR regime. Her point is why only Jagan?  ..It means she accepted that Jagan has done something wrong.