YSRC compares Chandrabala with Tara Chaowdary

YSRC party seems have not learnt from their mistakes , Instead of feeling guilty for their mistakes ,YSRC party leaders started their counter attacks by comparing well educated intellectual with a call girl. The YSR Congress Party has said that it has not collected the call list of Chandra Bala, whose name figured mainly in the call list of the CBI Joint Director Lakshmi Narayana.

YSRC Party MLAs Srikant Reddy and Shobha Nagi Reddy have said that they obtained the call list of Chandrabala, activist of the ‘Lead India’ organization from a petition filed in a court. Speaking to the media on Sunday, they have questioned what was wrong with disclosure of Chandra Bala’s call list as being made out by the media which itself had earlier made public the call list of Tara Choudary (Arrested in a call girl racket).They said they would give the call list of the JD to the central government and ask for an investigation into the calls he had made.Alleging that Lakshmi Narayana was misleading even the court, they have said he has been leaking news to some selected media against the set rules.