YSR loyal servant back to services !

Ram Reddy popularly know as Sakshi Ram , is making his re-entry into Sakshi again to server back the YSR family with his effective praise writing  skills and thus getting accolade.

Ram had differences with Jagan’s wife Bharathi Reddy earlier , she even locked his chamber as she did not like her working style. But, now scene has completely changed with Jagan in jail and Sharmila has taken the charge of the YSRC party. Sharmila was looking was eminent journalist who can add his own masala in projecting her image to extra heights . She immediately struck with a name Ram Reddy who gave the extra coloring to her father YS.Rajashekar Reddy image in 2009 elections. Thus, Sharmila decided to go with multi talented Ram Reddy  to cover her Pada Yatra .

Ram Reddy is a loyal servant to YS.Rajashekar Reddy from years and was with Sakshi from its launch time . He is now happy for recognizing his services and giving  back his role to serve the  YSR family.