‘YSR ILLU’ Spoofs on scams go viral

‘YSR ILLU’ Spoofs on scams go viral

Spoofs on major state scams are going viral on video-sharing websites.

The hilarious clips that have taken the Internet by a storm include spoofs on the Obulapuram Mining scam, the CBI interrogating Jagan in the Emaar case and the liquor syndicate fiasco.

One video scaling the popularity charts is YSR rillu, inspired by the climax scene of the movie Bommarillu. The spoof shows YSR and Jagan discussing about how they have looted the state and why YSR has failed to understand the political aspirations of Jagan to become CM.

“YSR as Prakash Raj was the ultimate part of the video, if this had to be screened at a theatre, it would definitely run for 100 days breaking records,” laughs Guru Prasad Murathi, a student of MGIT College.

With the CBI hounding former Karnataka minister Gali Janardhan Reddy, there are quite a few spoofs on him too. Till date there have been seven videos, from his arrest to the recent CBI interrogation.

Abhinav Reddy, an employee at Style Company comments, “Gali wasn’t spared by the CBI nor by these spoof makers, I laughed my guts out watching comedian Ali as Gali in G. Janardhan Reddy Special, answering the CBI officials.”

Serious issues plaguing the state are fast becoming fodder for funny bone. These spoofs are being shared and “liked” on YouTube and other social networking sites