YS Jagan to produce Pawan Kalyan’s film

Pawan Kalyan has enthusiastically agreed to act in the movie ‘Prince of Peace‘ in 2010 and even has visited israel to scout the locations.
This movie was supposed to be directed by Singeetham Srinivas Rao and produced by konda krishnamraju and release in 4 indian languages was planned.

Famous production designer Stefano Maria Ortolani from hollywood was called upon to handle this project.
It was story on Jesus Christ and pawan was supposed to play a director’s role, who makes a movie on jesus christ.
Anushka was selected to play an important role.

But later, looking at budget constraints, producer decided to drop the project and pawan too got busy with other movies.
Now, latest buzz is that YSR Congress party head, Y.S.Jaganmohan Reddy came to know about this project and has shown interest in reviving it.
Y.S.Jagan being a christian, wanted to fund this movie and is trying to get a nod from pawan kalyan to restart this project.

But right now pawan is busy till end of this year and it may be difficult for him to allot dates and finish this movie before 2014 elections.