Youth focus on Naidu – Jagan – Chiru?

Reports are revealing the fact that majority of the voters in 2014 elections are youth. This is the reason for giving importance to the youth by the political parties in the recent days. Out of all the politicians, 3 leaders from 3 different parties are on the front row with huge support from young Andhra. They are TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, YSR Congress leader YS Jagan, Congress leader Chiranjeevi.

Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is not having much attention in youth and hence he roped Chiru into the attack. Previously Chiru influenced youth with his films and now he is getting ready to turn it on politics. When Chiru announced political entry, majority of the supporters are youth. But later on the youth attention decreased. Now Chiru is once again concentrating on Young people. He said that the young Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is the youth icon for India and youth in AP are supporting him.

On the other side, YSR Congress leader Jagan grabbed the attention of voters after the death of YSR in the form of Odarpu Yatra. But the recent CBI scan for illegal assets made him quite unpopular. Adding to this, Anna Hazare’s movement for anti corruption drowned Jagan further. But as Jagan is one of the youngest politician in Andhra Pradesh, youth concentration is high on him. Once he gets out of the CBI cases, he may regain the attention again.

With the establishment of Hi-Tech City and making Hyderabad the southern hub for software industry made TDP supremo Chandrababu a center of attraction for youth in Andhra Pradesh. Along with this, Chandrababu Naidu’s recent announcement of 30 percent seats for youth is making youngsters concentrate more on TDP. Chandrababu increased the number of Engineering Colleges in AP during his regime which made him popular among young Andhra.

Now these positive aspects of all these 3 leaders is creating political uncertainty in AP. “Who will get more attention from youth?” is the question in everybody’s mind. Let’s wait for 2014 election results to know the correct focus of youth.