Allu Sirish’s inferiority complex!!

It doesn’t take long for pangs of jealousy to spring up in human beings and it is quite natural when there is a beautiful girl around. And if it is a boy from a big family with big ego then it takes only few seconds for that to happen. That seems to be the case right now with Allu Sirish.

According to grapevine, Sirish is currently busy with the shooting of his debut movie ‘Gauravam’ and it is heard that whenever his leading lady Yami Gautham is around, he feels his importance is getting sidelined. As such, Yami is a very yummy beauty and her striking beauty is capturing the attention of all unit members.

Buzz is that Sirish is not too happy with this situation. But those who heard this say there is no reason for him to feel like that. Apparently, Yami is a noted starlet who has already got two hits to her credit. And indeed, she has that magnetic beauty to charm people. Perhaps Sirish should silence all by giving a riveting performance and overshadowing Yami.