Young hero enraged over Jagan’s arrest

The only topic of discussion in the entire state has been the arrest of Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and what could be the possible consequences for that. While some feel it is a good thing happened given the corrupted profile of the young leader, there are still those who feel it is an unfair act.

One among them happens to be the young hero Manchu Manoj. It is heard that Manoj was hitting the roof about this arrest incident and demanded that only one person must not be arrested. He reportedly added that all those who are hiding big accounts of black money should be rounded up.

However, those who heard this say this reaction from Manoj is purely due to his relations. His brother Manchu Vishnu is married to Viraanica who hails from the YSR family so this point of view has come with a family support and not out of analysis, say a few.