‘Yevadu’ Heroine’s Butt Story!!

Ram Charan is currently busy with the shooting of his debut movie in Bollywood ‘Zanjeer’ but this would be followed by his other project in Telugu ‘Yevadu’. This has two heroines Samantha and the British girl Amy Jackson. Recently, Amy got to share her thoughts when she revealed few of her fitness mantras and problems.

Amy reportedly stated that she likes to switch her workout routine so that she doesn’t get bored. On Off days, she likes to do yoga, go for a swim or even jog. She added that she doesn’t follow a strict diet but drinks gallons of water. She has a light dinner and that too before 7 pm.

However, Amy reportedly mentioned that her biggest problem is her butt. Whenever she misses out on workouts or diet it begins to show on her butt. But her advantage is that she has a flat tummy which never grows. She gives the credit to the horse riding she used to do when she was young. She adores Bipasha Basu as the fitness idol for having a toned body and curves at the right place.