Yendamuri’s popular novel as film

Popular novelist, writer and director Yendamuri Veerendranath’s best-seller Anaithikam is being made into a film by new-age director Prem Raj as Akasam Lo Sagam. Earlier Yendamuri’s novels were big hits as films like Chiranjeevi’s Abhilasha and Rakshasudu; and this time, Ravi Babu and Ashasaini will be playing the leads. “It is about a vacuum in a woman’s life created by her marriage and how realisation dawns after she takes a false step,” says the writer.

Instead of commercialising the film, the director intends to stick to the soul of the story and make a realistic film to justify its bold theme. “It’s a slightly bold theme but contemporary too. I have roped in 20 Telugu film directors to play cameos in this path-breaking effort,” adds the director.