Ye Mantram Vesave Review – Lost Game

Ye Mantram VesaveMovie: Ye Mantram Vesave
Actors: Vijay Devarakonda, Shivani Singh, Omya Virak, Neelakshi Singh, Raja Babu, Ashish Raj, Prabhavathi, Deepak and others
Music: Abudos Samad
Producer: Malakapuram Shivakumar
Directed by: Sridhar Murri Rating: 2.25/5


Ragamalika works as video game designer her ambition to design humanoid games in contrast to the games of violence. Nikhil (Vijay Devarakonda) is a young man who is addicted to computer games and the who’s world is only games. He spent weeks and months playing games. He also Chats with girls. He believes that there is a world on the computer than outside. He sees Raagamalika though his Facebook friends and wishes to make friends with her, But she refuses. She asks to play a game to make friend-ship with her, she even gives some clues. Nikhil comes out of his gaming world in search of her. What experiences does he face? How he meets the girl? forms the story.


Vijay Devarakonda has been impressed by the acting and in terms of look. Although the role is not performance oriented he tried his best. Heroine Shivani Singh also impressed with her acting, she doesn’t score good marks as far as glamour is concerned. The rest of the cast was ok in their respective roles. Named actors do not appear on the screen due to the film being made with a limited cost.


Technically the film is perfect. The story is written to reflect current situations. Even though the narration is paradoxical, it cannot be dragged to two and a half hours. Music and camera performance is good. Production values seem to be inferior.


There is a novelty in the story. The director has done his homework well in storytelling. But the attempt to project the same on the screen is not exactly right. It gives a feel as if we are watching our friend playing a computer game, we seem to be watching a short film. The initial sequences seem to be plain. The story becomes interesting when the heroine comes on screen and the game starts. The sequences seem to be stretching in exploring her address, but all of those scenes look like a game. The darker angle behind the social media is also impressive in a tale. The climax of the film has changed the purpose of the film. If the director had put some more efforts the film would be something else.


+ Story

+ Vijay Devarakonda acting


– Lack of commercial elements

-The second half is flat

– Climax letdown


Lost Game