World’s Largest Cargo Aircraft lands in Hyderabad

aircraftGMR Hyderabad International Airport has set a page in the World Aviation history by welcoming the World’s Largest Cargo Aircraft.

Hyderabad airport has good reason to be proud as it hosts world’s biggest aircraft AN-225 Myria Antonov Airlines of Ukraine on its Code F compliant runway.

Antonov An-225 Mriya arrived last night at GMR Hyderabad International Airport. THis aircraft holds almost 240 world records, is powered by six supercharged turbo-fan engines, operated by a six-man crew, and lifts a mammoth 640 tonnes of MTOW (Maximum Take Off Weight.

It 84 metres long, 18.1 metres high, has a wingspan of 88.4 metres and a fuel capacity of 300,000 kg. Its maximum speed is 850 km per hour with a 15,400 km range and 11,000 metres cruising altitude.