Women jailed for having sex with 12 year boy

australia-womenA Melbourne 40 year women has been jailed for at least 6 years for giving birth to a baby fathered by a 12-year old boy she had been sexually abusing for more than two years .

The 40-year-old woman, who cannot be named, was sentenced at the Victorian County Court on Monday to at least three years and six months in prison. In 2011 the then 36-year-old began driving her daughter and the boy to school.

The woman has admitted she started developing feelings for the boy and began a sexual relationship with him.The pair had sex once a week over a five-month period and did not use condoms.

The woman gave birth to a girl , The boy’s mother visited the woman in hospital to support her friend but was unaware her son was the father and she was the grandmother.

After knowing their relationship, the boy’s parents lodged a complaint and A DNA test confirmed the boy is the baby’s father.