Woman organisation to take upon heroes rude remarks on heroines

Women’s Organisation are getting ready against dialogue writers commenting about Heroines physical appearance. Women’s rights activist Sandhya was unhappy with passing rude remarks against heroines in films and this objectionable trend in Telugu cinema.

In Dookudu, Mahesh Babu describes Samantha’s face as ‘pitta moham’ (face of a bird).

In Srimannarayana, Balakrishna tell Parvati Melton that her face is like a rubber stamp.And also says looking at her slim personality, “Bonguki pant shirt vesinattunav” (you look like a pole which has been made to wear a pant and shirt’.

In Nenunnanu, Nagarjuna describes Aarti Agarwal as “gas-cylinder”.

In Julayi, Allu Arjun describes heroine Ileana as ‘karuvu vachchina country ki brand ambassador laga vunnavu’ (you look like the brand ambassador for a famine-stricken country).