Withdrawal in money restrictions will be lifted

rp_venkaiahnaidu-300x225-300x225.jpgGood news for Common man, who is suffering from cash crunch after Demonetization, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said that all restrictions including on withdrawal of money would be lifted soon as new currency notes were being supplied to all states.

Venkaiah said, Both Prime minister Narendra Modi and finance Minister run Jaitley are reviewing the cash crunch situation in the country on every alternate day. They are taking steps to resolve it as soon as possible.

He said, Demonetisation was initiated to put a check on black money and eradicate corruption. He said, In Hyderabad alone some gold jewellery shops did Rs.100 crore business within a couple of hours after Demonetization was announced. Govt is not going to spare anyone who resort to corruption and hold Black money.