Will there be a Public reaction on Jagan’s Arrest?

Will there be a mass upheaval if the CBI arrests YSR Congress chief Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy in the illegal assets case?This appears to be the veiled threat given by the party’s official spokesperson Ambati Rambabu on Sunday.
There was a big commotion at the Lotus Pond residence of Jagan in Jubilee Hills area of Hyderabad on Saturday around midnight. The reason for the commotion was a roumer that CBI was about to arrest Jagan. Soon hundreds of party leaders and activists rushed to Jagan’s house, switched off the street lights and even set up barricades on roads leading to the house to prevent the CBI. But nothing has happened.
Political analysts feel that the CBI has sent out a feeler about the arrest, to judge public mood in the event of Jagan’s arrest.
On Sunday, while denying the reports about the impending arrest of Jagan, Ambati has warned that if the CBI puts shackles to his leader’s two hands, millions of hands would rise in protest.
Does this mean that there would be a revolt of some sort, if the CBI arrests Jagan even with clear evidences about his illegal activities?
Does this mean that the YSR Congress would organize mass protests in the event of his arrest? Do they think that Jagan is above the law?
These are the questions being raised by both Congress and TDP leaders.
This country has seen the arrest the most powerful politician and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. There was no revolt even then. If people voted her back to power, it was a different story. But no one could do anything about her arrest. Former Telecom minister A Raja, DMK supremo Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi and several others were arrested even in the recent times. Law would give them opportunity to prove their innocence. Till then they have to wait patiently. Once a tainted leader comes out clean, he would have greater public support.
If Jagan follows this simple logic and proves his innocence, he might even realize his dream of becoming the Chief Minister of this state.
He should advise his supporters to watch their language and emotions, when dealing with the law.