Will show Pawan Kalyan as How to use the Law : Sri Reddy

rp_pawan-sri-reddy-300x179-1-300x179-1-300x179.jpgThe controversial actress Sri Reddy who came into the news with the Tollywood casting couch controversy held a press conference with her Lawyers at the Hyderabad Press Club.

She said “I was forced to perform semi-nude protest because of Tollywood biggies. When Pawan Kalyan was abused, the entire Tollywood industry people were united in his support”.

She said, “I do not think Pawan Kalyan will encourage the Rowdy fans. Pawan Kalyan will be a loser if his fans do rowdyism on his name. Pawan suggested me to take the help of law and go legally. I will show them how to use the law. I am not afraid of big heads in the industry “.

She also said, ” I require the support of Pawan Kalyan, Balakrishna, NTR, and other top heroes fans for my fight”