Will Shankar’s Robo 2 beat Baahubali ?

robo-baahubaliRajamouli’s Baahubali is the film which is made with 132 crore budget and with spectacular VFX, it gave Rajamouli ,one of the ‘most amazing director’ tag in India. Even after 3 months of release, the movie is still making buzz in the media with some or the other news.

Now the buzz in Kollywood is that , Director Shankar wants to be the most amazing director with his upcoming project Robo 2 , which is a sequel to Rajinikanth, Aishwarya starter Endhiran.  Shankar is planning to release the film on his next birthday. Robo part 2 is reportedly coming with much higher budget than Baahubali and with amazing animations and also with lot of surprises.

The big question in trade is that, Will Shankar beat the records of Baahubali ? or Baahubali 2 can only beat Baahubali records? . The sequel of Robo “Robo 2” which is going to be launch on 12th December on the occasion of superstar Rajinikanth’s birthday.