Will Ramcharan accept Gabbarsingh as No:1 ?

Movie collections should not be a competition among fans to bring differences, rather it should acknowledge the facts.  As Mahesh Babu  commented ‘I heard from some one’, “Its official: I am No. 1. My Film is No. 1”  looked foolish. Infact Media should report it after observing public response. Other wise producer/director/hero of previous top film should announce in media as Puri said in a live show that Magadheera crossed Pokiri records.

There is uncontrolable priacy going on every where, According to information provided to us from our reliable sources.  In many places people are travelling 30/40 kms to watch Gabbarsingh movie as tickets were unavailable in its 3rd weekend in USA. In India even after big releases Gabbarsingh  theatres are not reduced and public at theatres also not reduced this shows the craze of the movie.

Pawan Kalyan never cares about collections , taking advantage producer Ganesh babu stopped speaking about collections. Lets hope Ram charan will come out openly and  congratulate Gabbar Singh atleast on the day when Gabbar Singh tops Magadheera.