Will Pawan Kalyan take full remuneration this time ?

What is the remuneration of Pawan Kalyan? This is one interesting question which is very usual in fans circles. Fans will start some where beginning 10 crores and will go on till 15 crores but the fact is Pawan Kalyan is one actor who had done movies for ZERO/Nominal remuneration too. The last time he took the pre-agreed remuneration was way back in 2001 for Kushi and after that for Jalsa in 2008.

He invested all his remuneration in his first directorial Johnny. And from then he always shared the loss of his movies with the producers returning part of them. In recent times, the producers of Panja, Neelima Tirumalasetty and Nagesh Muntha were the finds of Pawan for Praja Rajyam Party. They devoted all their time and good money for the party but lost every thing there. Hence, Pawan Kalyan had done Panja for them for a nominal sum of 3 Crore rupees which is a quarter of his remuneration.

And for Teenmaar, he returned half of his remuneration after the movie failed to rake good number and is also doing Gabbar Singh to Bandla Ganesh for the half amount. Ganesh will pay the remaining amount if and only if Gabbar Singh went to recover the losses of Teenmaar too.

Great Man he is. We wish he gets his full remuneration this time!