Will EEGA Be SS Rajamouli’s First Comercial Flop?

The one director without a flop/failure on his name is SS Rajamouli . His films with NTR , Ram Charan , Prabhas and Ravi Teja have become  a milestone in their respective careers . After his Magnum opus Magadheera , he experimented a rom/com film with Sunil as hero and eventually the film went on to become a Hit . Though , it wasn’t up to the director potential , it is his market and Pre-release Publicity made film end up as a safe grosser . Or else it would have witness a failure because of its average content . Continuing his experiment , he imagined Fly as the hero and did a film on the lines of Re-incarnation again . Firstly it was slated to release in february but due to CG work the film has to postpone for the end of may . Here are the interesting facts we came to know about the film is It was made up of around 35 crores budget and the film has heavy CG shots more than Magadheera filled with Technical brilliance . The content will be liked by the Multiplex / A center audience but the mass lovers gonna feel a bumpy ride to hell watching the film . With such a huge budget the film has to run mainly in the rural areas to recover the investments . The film stars a small hero Nani and the only saving grace looks like Samantha . The villain Sudeep is an unknown face to the Telugu audience , chances are very low to accept him as a Villain . On the other side with  Gababr singh declared as a hit , and the films like Endhukante premante , David billa hitting soon probably it won’t survive and finally will end up as a loss venture .  So , taking all these factors into consideration SS Rajamouli is ready for give his first Commercial Flop . Let’s see what’s gonna happen !