Will Dasari Receive That Award?

F.D.C. has announced that the Nandi Awards Distribution Ceremony for the years, 2009 and 2010 will be held at Telugu Lalithakalathoranam, Hyderabad on 23rd of this month. It is a known thing that dasari narayana rao for the year 2009 and Balakrishna for the year, 2010 were elected as the best actors respectively. However, selection of dasari narayana rao, as a best actor for his ‘Mestri’, went on controversial as everyone thought that Ram Charan would get the best actor award for ‘Magadheera’, as he received many best actor awards for the movie, including prestigious Film Fare Award. 

Many gossips were heard when dasari narayana rao was announced the best actor by the Nandi Awards Committee. As per these gossips, Thammareddy Bharadwaj, the head of the the committee, was considered to be the hater of Chiranjeevi and the disciple of Dasari. Also, it was rumoured that some of the members of the committee were bribed by some of the award winners. Since the total process went on controversial, the government is said to have postponed the awards distribution ceremony. After a huge gap of one year, 2009s awards are going to be given on 23rd of this month. Some of the sources close to Dasari are saying that Dasari has felt ashamed of this controversy and he is likely to skip the awards function while some people are saying that Dasari will definitely receive the award in token of his respect to the awards committee. We have to wait and see what decision will Dasari take on this issue