Will Dammu get Laxmi’s blessings?

Dhana laxmi is the name which has become very popular in Tollywood circles, A half hour program has be shown on her  in a telugu news channel speaks her popularity in the Telugu film industry. She is non other than Censor Broad Officer.

But why is she so popular when no other member had come into lime light for this many years ? ,Its because  Dhana Laxmi gave sleepless nights to all producers who come for Censoring their films, She treats every one equally and most of all she follows the rule book strictly ,which makes the producers to shiver. she is not at all corrupt and doesn’t take money. Buzz is that if someone approaches with bribe then they will see stars in the sky.Newly she passed a rule that every movie has to be censored before 15 days of its release yet to be implemented.

Coming to NTR’s Dhammu movie which is going to get censored tommorow is shivering to test its fate before her, From the trailer any one can easily understand that Dhammu has much violence ,double meaning dialogues and some skinny stuff. This would definitely considered by her to give ‘ A’ certificate to it. Apart, she will ask to cut the important scenes (as per rule book ) which are useful to generate the intensity of the movie .  These are the fears going on in the minds of the producer and director . Just wait for one more day to read the censor report  yourself.