Will Boyapati’s sentiment work for NTR?

Film industry is the one industry in which people have lot of sentiments and beliefs to achieve success. Often the success of the people in Tollywood is unpredictable. There are occasionswhen good movies faltered at box office. There many other factors which influence the result, which makes people believing in sentiments.

Now it was observed that top directors of Telugu cinema are sharing a common sentiment. Recently Boyapati Seenu, Director of Dammu, has offered lunch to his friends and media persons at Peddamma Gudi in Jubilee Hills on the eve of movie release.Sources say that Boyapati has started this ‘Lunch Offerings’ from Tulasi and no wonder he is repeating the same for Dammu to extend his ‘No-Failure’ streak.

Not only Boyapati but several other directors believe in that sentiment. Sampath Nandi, Director of Racha, has also offered lunch before the movie was released. Seenu Vaitla is another director who offer lunch to media at the same venue before his movie gets released. Incidentally these directors have been farely successful compared to other directors. Let us see if Boyapati’s sentiment works for NTR this time.