Why Trivikram is behind only top heroes?

Trivikram is one of the most demanded directors in the Telugu Cinema.After his directorial debut Nuvve Nuvve, he finished four movies in his career.If we observe his career graph, except for the debut movie(with Tharun), rest of the movies are only with Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan.Even for the next one year the trend will be same as he signed a movie with Pawan Kalyan, that will hit the sets from October.

So what makes Trivikram work with only the cream? When other contemporary top directors such as Rajamouli are focusing on working with small heroes such as Sunil, Nani, Trivikram’s  constant association with only star heroes is raising some serious doubts.Few question “If Sunil is his best freind, When Rajamouli can make movie with him, why cant Trivikram do it? Can Trivikram sale his product without star heroes? Atleast in another 2-3 years, there no scope for Trivikram to work with heroes other than top league.Pawan Movie is signed, movies with Mahesh and NTR are in pipeline.”

Many opine that the amount of time that goes into each project is too huge.Small heroes always prefer to wrap up entire movie in less than 4-6 months, which is almost impossible for Trivikram(by observing previous trends). Moreover Trivikram is being approached by many top heroes for a movie, because he is one stop solution to put an end to ‘Flop Crisis’ or to deliver a minimum guarantee flick.Last but not least,’Money’ plays a big role, big heroes movies always involve high budgets and hence high remunerations(high motivation to work).Whatever be the reasons, Trivikram is capable of delivering outstanding blockbusters, if that happens with top heroes, Telugu Cinema will flourish with huge commerce, which inturn satisfies heroes, fans and entire Industry.