Why that Channel Against Mega Family?

Why that Channel Against Mega Family?

As far as the politics are concerned, all the TV channels are purely against Chiranjeevi. However, one channel in the state particularly, hates Chiranjeevi and his camp heroes in politics as well as in movies. But why? Following are the reasons, according to mega fans.

* The channels favourite political party didn’t come into the power in 2009 elections, because of Chiranjeevi.

* Earlier, the channel tried to project Jr.NTR as the number one hero of tollywood. However, NTR’s movies started getting failures later.

* After ‘Magadheera’, that channel tried to compare every movie, despite its poor collections. Subsequently, those movies failed to cross ‘Magadheera’ records.

* Based on the above two points, mega fans started campaigning that the channel is an iron leg for the movies or heroes are concerned who were backed up by the channel.

Currently, mega fans are revealing that this channel needs TRP’s so they are spoiling  even Mahesh  name .

Any Guess about the Channel? ….its TV9.