Why T-ministers dont dare to oppose Jagan?

Surprising but it is true. The Telangana ministers who have been raising the banner of revolt at least on paper to show their support to the Telangana movement are averse to oppose the YSR CP Chief Jaganmohan Reddy.

They were reportedly placed in a compelling situation and are found fearing about such a reaction. Their reaction in certain cases was almost mute when compared to the response of MPs representing the same region. Observers and analysts in the region say that almost all the Telangana ministers were in a way playing a second fiddle to the Jagn party and they were gauging the possible consequences is such a reaction is made by them.

The ministers such as Ponnala Lakshmaiah, DK Aruna,Sunitha Lakshma reddy, Danam Nagender and Ramreddy Venkat Reddy including D. Sridhar Babu have never opened their mouth against the rebel Jagan and they prefer to  reserve their berth with the young leader whenever such an inevitable is imminent.