Why Sravan was made A1 accused ?

sravanThere was a lot of criticism for making Congress youth leader B Sravan, the main accused in beautician Sirisha’s suicide case.

Here is the answer as for why Sravan was made A1 accused, Sravan who turned a friend to Sirisha always used to look at Sirisha with bad intentions. He took advantage of Rajeev and Sirisha quarrels. As if trying to help the duo resolve an issue. He took them to meet Sub Inspector Prabhakar. And left Bothe Sirisha and Prabhakar Reddy alone in the room taking Rajeev out of the room for a smoke.

Sravan is from Nalgonda district, hails good position in Congress party and used to get involved in settlements and collections. He allegedly used to supply girls for his friend SI Prabhakar Reddy. He purposely took Sirisha to Prabhakar and It was pre-planned. Leading to suicides of Sirisha and of Prabhakar Reddy.

It is still a mystery as what happened at Kukunoorpally resorts after Sirisha, Prabhakar, and Rajiv had to liquor? was Sirisha molested?, if not what about injuries on her lips, cheek and the bottom ?, Why the CCTV footage of SI Prabhakar Reddy from Kukunoorpally police station is not examined?