Why Sameera Reddy prefers South over Bollywood

Sameera Reddy prefers enduring name to fame that comes like flash-in-the-pan.  She speaks matter-of-factly when she says that in Bollywood one is instantaneously catapulted to the starry orbit when their film is a hit, but with a single flop their image goes the drain.

It is not the case in South India.  An actress is remembered for long time.  “You could become an overnight star in Bollywood with just single hit, but your fate would change with a single flop.  That’s why I do not derive satisfaction however much name I earn for myself in Bollywood.  Because I always know at the back of my mind that it is not permanent.  This is not the case in South India.  People don’t forget you if you have done even a single good film.  I still like Surya s/o Krishnan.  I want to do more and more films like this one”, the actress avers.