Why Racha producers are mum on collections?

Racha producers seems to be mum on collections just not because to end unfair competition in industry but to avoid IT raids.

Its seems they had learnt lesson from Dookudu producers  over-enthusiasm of media or over-excitement of producers which resulted in Income Tax raids on all the offices related to production house of ‘Dookudu’ some time ago. In fact, many big heads in Tollywood were feared of this rapid action from IT sleuths. Reason behind this was many times ascertained as extra publicity offered by producers on ‘Dookudu’ collecting industry record figures of above Rs.100 Crores.

From then on, ‘Dookudu’ horrors made other film producers to stay subdued on the subject of Revenues and Shares. Meanwhile, ‘Businessman’ opened very grandly shaking many industry records but till now RR Movie Makers never officially declared the numbers. Of course, they went on addressing the flick as an Industry Hit with no solid proofs. Now, same seems to be the situation of Mega Super Good Films because ‘rachcha’ despite of raking mind blowing shares, producers aren’t increasing the promotion of film using the same. Never did they print posters or publicized the paper ads or telecasted promotional trailers on TV reiterating these records. Even Ramcharan, Sampat Nandi and Tamanna stood away from media attention. Well, reason seems to be the only one related to fears surrounding ‘Dookudu’ Horrors.