Why Nara Lokesh shifting to Vijayawada ?

lokeshTDP general secretary Nara Lokesh has reportedly taken a decision to shift to Vijayawada to make himself available for Andhra Pradesh TDP cadre.

He would be available to Telangana TDP leaders in Hyderabad for three days in a week and another three days in Vijayawada.

With Telangana government tapping party leaders mobiles in cash-for-vote case, Lokesh don’t want to risk by keeping in touch with his close aides staying in Hyderabad. He also told his friend to change their numbers , says a source.

He tweeted, Starting tomorrow, my regular schedule will be: Monday-Wednesday in Vijayawada, Thursday-Saturday in Hyderabad except while on tours. In new role, looking forward to interact with party cadre and leaders. Will be available for all in party office (sic).