Why Manchu Manoj targeting Chiranjeevi?

It is known that battle between Nokia and Nookayya team has become intense and movie was stopped at all multiplexes. Sources suggest that Nokia has claimed damages worth Rs.20,05,000 from the producer of the film.Looks like Manoj, who is happy after movie received decent talk and good openings on first day, is irked with court stay on the movie.

Instead of trying to settle the issue within or outside the court primices, he started scolding Nokia company.Earlier he made some silly comments saying “In fact, till Nokia filed a case I didn’t know that such a company existed. You (Nokia) have come to our State to make money and need us more than we need you…Detthadi Pochamma Gudi. Let’s see who wins. If we don’t find a solution, there won’t be any Nokia showroom in the State.”

Now Manoj shifted his concentration from Nokia company to Chiranjeevi. Since sometime Manoj has been making some indirect statements targeting chiranjeevi and his Party. Recently he was seen blaming Mega family members,he said that “Some people are intentionally creating controversies with the help of Nokia company, as they are jealous of Mr Nookayya decent talk and afraid of my success.” He did not stop at that point,he went on adding “We would have tried making money by establishing a political party and then selling the tickets.” This clearly indicates that Manoj is targeting Chiranjeevi. This rude behavior from Manoj targeting Chiranjeevi is a shock for many when Mohan Babu and Chiranjeevi are in good terms.