Why didn’t KCR and Harish commit suicide ? : Revanth

revanth-kcrTDP firebrand MLA Revanth Reddy is back to business after High court relaxed his bail condition. He alleged that Telangana CM Chandrasekhar rao and Minister Harish rao are mentally suffering and Why didn’t they commit suicide ?, questioned Revanth.

Addressing the media at Telangana Secretariat, Revanth Reddy fired at T-government for criticising the farmer’s death , who announced that farmer has committed suicide because of his illness but not due to loan debt.  Revanth said, Even Minister Pocharam Srinivas was suffering from illness for last 2 months, Why didn’t he committed suicide questioned revanth .

He warned that TDP will intensify their stir against the government in all the district Collectorates. He criticised KCR for ignoring the concerns of farmers and demanded KCR to appoint a minister as incharge in each districts.