Why Angry Old Man silent on Gabbar Singh ?


Angry Old Man Rajashekar seems to silent  on Antakshari scene where a junior artist  imitated him. His voice went on mute after  recent jolts like his film Mahankali release still doubtful and his political future in cross roads .

The Antakshari  scene which got unanimous appreciation from every corner in the recent past is Pawan Kalyan taking a snub against Rajashekar in Gabbar Singh.While mega fans termed it as a biggest jolt for Rajashekar-Jeevitha who loves to take a dig at Chiranjeevi camp every now and then,many term it as a bold move from Pawan Kalyan, who rarely indulges in direct criticism.His sharp and witty verbose, ‘Roja na vadi Kooja na’ got a thumping response.

On the other hand, while everyone is expecting a strong retaliation in Rajashekar’s next movie , he seems to have taken all that snubbing in a lighter note.His close associates say that he did not even watch the movie and he is least bothered about all the talk that is spreading like a viral around him.He reportedly said,”War of words between me and Chiranjeevi always exist, even now am ready to take him Politically.I am least bothered about Gabbar Singh scene.I am not even interested to find out.”

However couple are unavailable for media to present their viewpoint on the issue and they are reluctant towards order any actions against Gabbar Singh unit.Looking at their calm body language, something must be fishy under the scenes, what say folks?