Why am I being dragged into this mess?

Atlast actress Tapsee opens her mouth about Manoj and Mahat episode  she said  Its all  Rubbish !! . I was in Kurnool on that day and next morning I see media reports that claim my ex-boyfriend was beaten up by my current boyfriend. I was like — What the h*ll! The worst part is that the stories claim both Manoj and Mahat apparently, fought over me. For heaven’s sake! Both of them are old and mature enough to not fight over a girl. I knew Mahat for a long time. At that time, there were a lot of rumors that claimed that we were an item. I will not go into what has been said about me in the past. I have not been in touch with him for a really long time.

She continued… For the record, I am single and dating nobody. I made my debut with Manoj and I am close to his family. Mohan Babu uncle has always treated me like a daughter and Lakshmi is like a mentor. So, naturally I hang out a lot with them. I find it disgusting to have to say it in public to prove that there is nothing going on between us, but when there are so many rumors going around what else can I do. Can’t celebrities just be friends?