Why Actress Suhasini’s Negative Reaction @ Gabbar Singh

None knows the actual transparency behind versatile actress suhasini Maniratnam reacting negatively on ‘Gabbar Singh’ before the release. But, a glance at the film released yesterday, definitely she has a valid point if the issue is analyzed from the viewpoint of importance of her character. In original version of ‘Dabangg,’ the hero’s mother role done by Dimple Kapadia holds enormous significance. In fact, the total family drama and the emotional connect for violently done action climax has the perfect plot in killing of Dimple’s character.

When it comes to ‘Gabbar Singh,’ no where do we find such importance to suhasini. Except a couple of scenes, suhasini’s character is totally neglected with core focus placed only on Pawan Kalyan. May be that is the reason why, when villain Siddhappa Naidu (Abhimanyu Singh) calls Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan) on phone to narrate the reason behind suhasini’s death, the required punch wasn’t felt by audience. Apparently, suhasini’s version was right but when ‘GS’ is made by Harish Shankar as one-man show of Pawan, who cares for her reasoning.