Who’s the best director of the decade? Puri or Rajamouli?

Ever since the ‘Best Director of the Decade’ award was presented to Puri Jagannath at a private award function in Hyderabad yesterday (August 13), there’s a huge debate going on in Tollywood about who actually deserves it.While some argue that SS Rajamouli deserves the award for his unbeatable record (9 films) others opine that Puri Jagananth has delivered some typical masala films (19 films) in a record time – but not without tasting several flops.

Rajamouli (nicknamed Jakkanna for his prolonged movie making style) generally takes 1-2 years to make a film irrespective of the cast, and others assert that it’s a lot of time to make a film in contemporary cinema. But what works in Puri’s favor is his ability to do films quickly with star heroes like Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan.

Given these facts, well, it’s up to the public to judge who’s the best director of the decade.