Whom to be blamed for tragedy ?

godavariAt least 27 pilgrims, mostly women, were killed and 20 others injured in a stampede during Godavari pushkaralu in Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday

The incident took place at Kotagummam Puskar Ghat where various temples located inside the ghat. The tragedy occurred when a large number of pilgrims rushed towards one of the gates .

Chaos prevailed at all the three gates at the bathing ghat in Rajahmundry. Tragedy struck couple of hours after Godavari maha pushkaralu, a once in 144-year event, began . Devotes were kept waiting till CM Chandrababu took a holy dip and when the gates were opened , Mad rush led to tragedy. Despite of several appeals to flow queue , none of them have followed it.

The 12-day pushkaralu, described as Kumbh mela of the south, It’s a complete failure of authorities to anticipate the huge crowds . Lack of proper arrangements to regulate the pilgrims and proper monitoring has led to the tragedy.

While the pandits of several Peta’s blamed each other on the tragedy , Instead of educating people that, they can take bath at any place,  they encouraged people to take bath at Rajahmundry which led to tragedy.