Who was the girl with Pradeep ?

pradeep-girlThe night of December 31 last year has become a black night for the famous Anchor Pradeep Machiraju who was caught in drunk and drive test. Traffic police have registered Drunk and Drive case on Pradeep.

But Pradeep went missing from that day, He has not yet come for counselling. His car remained in Banjara Hills police station. He had locked his house and office, and now absconding.

But the hot topic is that Who was the girl who travelled in the car along with Pradeep that night? She was not in the driver’s seat even though she was drunk. The names of some girls are also heard in this regard.

Anchor Srmukhi was also accompanied by Pradeep. However, she denied the matter. She made it clear that she is not a girl with Pradeep. On the other hand, A prominent politician daughter name is also heard. But there is no official confirmation.