Who is the Agnyaathavaasi behind Mahesh Kathi?

rp_mahesh-kathi-174x300.jpgMahesh Kathi, film critic and former Bigg Boss contestant, who is known for his hard hitting reviews of Telugu movies, has become full time political critic targeting Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan.

Mahesh faced a lot of backlash from Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s fans when he posted bad review of Pawan Kalyan’s film ‘Katamarayudu’, Now taking revenge on the Janasena leader.

The point is Is Mahesh Kathi has the statues to criticise the charismatic leader like Pawan Kalyan? , Who is the one behind him ?.

Coming to Mahesh Kathi’s past, , when a caller asked Mahesh Kathi, ‘Is it true that he campaigned for YSR Congress in 2014 Polls?’. The Film Critics admitted that he did support YCP in the last general elections. This itself reveals Mahesh’s Kathi’s agenda in politics to criticise Pawan. This critic acted in YCP promotion campaign in the past and the Big Boss platform gave him much publicity.

Now who is the one behind Mahesh Kathi?, The Agnathavaasi who openly criticized Chiranjeevi’s PRP party during the past has good relations in the cinema industry and thus none of the film celebrities are talking much about Mahesh Kathi.

Is Mahesh Kathi doing all this for popularity , definitely not , he might have be paid for doing such criticism , say a source . Since this film critic lives a luxurious life without doing a regular job other than time passing on social media.