Who is listening Vijayamma speach?

The assembly sessions are the most entertaining event for many people. Of course, it has the direct impact on the common people because the politicians are busy abusing each other and don’t really care about the people or its welfare. But one person seems to have brought some order and discipline into the bad boys of the assembly. She is Y S Vijayamma. In one of the sessions, Vijayamma got the opportunity to share her thoughts and her well composed and balanced speech was listened attentively by all those present. Her statements on the various schemes and the government’s apathy towards it made sense. She also spoke about agriculture considered the backbone of economy and gave vital stats which gave proper insight on the situation. Though there were few emotional moments, the intensity and anguish expressed by Vijayamma for the welfare of the people was understood by each and every member. The silence that all maintained when she spoke was evidence enough.

She got huge applause and attention from general public who watched her speech on TV channels. Many said, “Vijayamma is better than 90% of politicians in dignity of speech, clarity in words and confidence in expression”.but who is listening her speach is the million dollar question?